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Our services for which actively conduct our profession know not addressed to:


- Real Estate Valuation

make a right valuation of the property is the most important step to arrive to the final act of the agreed closure.

We evaluate the property having regard to those who are the techniques and parameters internationally recognized so we can attribute the right market value.

- Marketing

Once we received the mandate we are concerned to identify the best channel for the promotion, both locally and internationally, also in time we have developed a database of contacts and partnerships that allow us to reach a large number of potential users curing accurately user requests and update them on the latest news.


- Real estate consulting

Along with selected partner we  can provide the selection of the best available offer on the market, the redaction of technical and economic feasibility studies and managing of negotiations.

involves elements of business, tax, and legal consulting in order to offer a thorough support.  In fact, we carry out a preliminary assessment by analyzing the right solution from the economic point of view technical and accompanying the customer in all phases of the operation property until the deed, or the conclusion of the final contract.

- Loan

Thanks to the experience gained in the field we have identified professional profiles that can follow the potential buyer to the request of the right loan or the right economical solution depending on the profile, doing it this way saves money and time.

- Judicial auctions

The experience gained in the real estate field has led us to operate in the field of judicial auctions, and today we are able to satisfy the demand of those interested in this field by providing both the participation in the auction via a mandate to buy the property, the service to search for the right occasion and auction adjudicated.

The service is offered in cooperation with professionals, in particular we rely on the collaboration of lawyers who are experienced in the industry for participation in the auction.


Thanks to a constant search for new real estate opportunities and cooperation with selected partners according to the characteristics of seriousness and professionalism, we can offer advice for different types of real estate investments in Italy and abroad, choosing the best solutions that are guaranteed by the legally and high economic efficiency, while also providing an analysis of economic performance in the short and long term.

For counseling foreign investments, we work through predetermined steps that help us reach the goal set by the investor. We carry out this function through the well-proven and successful steps in particular we perform:


First of all we need to understand exactly what are the needs and the goals set, for this reason we fix a  interview for a briefing on the operation and understand exactly the proposals required,


Following the request received we  start to search through all of our channels which we entered into a collaborative partnership, in order to select the right opportunities, and offering the widest choice to meet the demand .


After selecting the most adequate proposals to the inquiries we inform the customer and will be evaluated under all economic and technical aspects.


Once you have decided on the right transaction we provide to make an appointment for a visit on site assisted by our partners and professionals in particular by lawyers who have been working together with us in the field for counseling and the procedure on closing. This way we guarantee a serious and professional the most suitable real estate transaction.

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